One essential aspect of life is discovering and maintaining balance. During my time in Valle, the idea of embracing duality kept surfacing- accepting that we are the day and the night, the evil and the good, the saint and the sinner- we are all one, embodying these dualities. That’s where this poem was born, sitting beneath a hanging tree on a warm summer night at Valle de Vino.


In this life, we become all of these days and nights and in betweens
These dusks and dawns
These moments we breathe in, that define us

We breathe in deep the sunshine with our eyes closed
Allowing the rays to penetrate our outer layer
Giving thanks for the life that she gives so freely, so unselfishly, asking for nothing in return
So kindly at times, yet so harshly at others
We breathe in deep the wakefulness
The positivity
The energy of bodies coming and going and exchanging pleasantries, in the light of day

We breathe in deep the night
The black
The quiet
We feel the reflection of the sun on the moon- for they are one in their opposites
In their duality and sameness, they are each of us
We absorb the fireballs we call stars, possibly already past in their lifetime but alive in ours
Reminding us that perspective is reality
We breathe in deep the tranquility
The light song of nocturnal life, chirping and croaking its peace

And at dawn and dusk
The in betweens
The beginnings and endings that never linger for long enough
We feel the inevitable change
The fleeting that is life
The pinks and purples and oranges and every shade of blues
The blending of our duality- the day and night

We are the dawn and the dusk
The awakening and retreating

The rainbow that exists between black and white


About rainbowpaw

This blog is meant to document my travels through South America, beginning in November in Bogotá, Colombia... destination, unknown!
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One Response to Balance

  1. Kiley Mullen says:

    Wow, that is so beautiful Katie!

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