Traveling sola again! I can’t believe I’ve been away for 7 weeks now, where do the days go?

The 24 hour bus trip from Salvador to Brasilia was actually very rejuvinating. I woke up from a nap to see shadows of huge cacti covering the fields outside, below a sky full of stars. I enjoyed it with a small bottle of port wine (big thanks to Sylvain) and music, thinking that bus travel is rather enjoyable after river travel. At sunrise, the landscape had changed again, curious small and perfectly symmetrical mountains popped out of the earth, big plateaus appeared to the south, tiny clay houses sat on big plots of agricultural land. Brazil is full of surprises.

Let me just say, I loved my time in Brasilia. I was greeted by my fantastic  couchsurfing hosts, Pamela (who facilitated the stay when she wasn’t able to host me) and her boyfriend Luiz, who I stayed with, along with his awesome flatmate/”brother” Gil. They were such great hosts, they really made me feel right at home and were such pleasures to be around. I love couchsurfing more with each experience.

It turns out that Brasilia, the very new capital city (built only 55 years ago), was just the dose of home I needed to cure my honesick-at-six-weeks syndrome. It’s more international than the northern Brazilian cities I visited; it has lots of the same characteristics as home- everything is huge (it was built for cars), it’s full of beautiful modern architecture, it feels capitalistic/driven by consumerism (from what Brazilian people I talked to said and from what I saw) and there are McDonalds everywhere. Not necessarily all good things, according to the same Brazilians, but it´s stll a beautiful city with a lot to offer, and it was just what I needed before heading to Bolivia (to fully appreciate what will not be at all like home).

Luiz even directed me to a specialty beer shop where I shared a long overdue microbrew and good conversation with the Brazilian chick working. It was a Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale from good old Oregon and it cured my bad-beer-blues instantly. Delicious.

After a few days of sharing conversation, more beer (including another delicious microbrew from southern Brazil!), home cooked meals (Mexican food!!) and lots of music with my sweet hosts, I began another 24 hour bus trip heading west to Cáceres with a stomach full of knots and a heart full of contentment.


Brasilia Metropolitan Church


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  1. Sylvain says:

    couchsurfers and good beers, i’m jealous

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