Alter do Chão, More River Travel and Belém

Following Manaus, we set out on the second of what would be three river trips for me, this one heading east to Santarém. It was like the first, but a little worse given we had to pay extra for food (the same rice, beans, butter noodles and meat at every meal). At-least during this trip, we had a beautiful view of the stars and great sunsets. We arrived in Santarém late and slept an extra night on the boat in port after finding some dinner that a couple was selling off their front porch- simple, cheap and delicious. We spent the next two days relaxing in Alter do Chão, a small bohemian style village set on a beautiful emerald lake called Lago Verde. We kayaked, trekked a little to catch some views, watched an awesome samba band one night and ate delicious international food (pizza and a veggie burger- yum), for a change.

Sunset on the Amazon River, Brazil

Kayaking on Lago Verde, Alter do Chao, Brazil

Keeping on East, we caught my third and final river boat heading for Belém, where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean. This was the most beautiful and yet worst of the three. It’s impossible to describe how wide the Amazon becomes towards the end. The shores transform into small mountains and open up, large islands dot the interior and eventually, they are the only land you see looking one direction. It’s breathtaking, really. But besides that, the trip was fairly awful. We arrived in Belém 12 hours late after two days of bumping repetitive Farro music nearly around the clock and absolutely no space to stretch out. We were forced to spend our one night in Belém on the boat in port, but we made the most out of the next day walking the tiny streets, exploring markets, drinking Sucos (fresh juice made from every type of fruit possible- soooo good!) and tasting various infused Caceças. It’s a mellow and casually beautiful city that we were bummed to not have more time in; we hopped a plane to Salvador de Bahia that night.

Market in Belem, Brazil


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