Clarity in Cartagena

“Somos jóvenes, este es nuestro tiempo.” 

Hello clarity, good to see you again.

I’ve been a little lost these past few days, but I’ve been embracing it. Yesterday I awoke to a sunrise over low rolling hills after a restless night of “sleep” on a bumpy bus, alone after Angela and I went different directions for a week or so. I love traveling with my best friend, but I found a new (familiar) sense of immersion while navigating my way to Cartagena alone. It’s easy to feel too comfortable in what should be exhilaratingly uncomfortable situations when you’re with your soul sister, so it’s good that we’re feeling out Colombia on our own for a bit. It’ll also be great meeting back up again with stories to share.
Cartagena is, just as they say, classically beautiful. Spanish colonial architecture fills the old town in a style that resembles New Orleans, complete with a rasta Caribbean influence and sauna style heat. It is incredibly touristy though and overpriced across the board. The town celebrates it’s Independence Day (November 11) each year with a Miss Colombia beauty pageant, apparently Thursday was the biggest local party, people lined the streets and sprayed each other with blue foam (not too bummed I missed that).
A funny girl from Australia and I walked around snapping photos yesterday, I caught my first sunset over the Carribean. Oy. Met a sweet street dog that followed us around all afternoon, we shared street food and pets. He looked like Munchkin’s dirty ass little brown and white brother. I want to bring him home, real bad.
I’m staying in a busy hostel full of travelers from all over, some of whom have been telling me stories of their recent travels between Central and South America, inspiring me and reminding me why I’m here in the first place. It’s easy to get lost, to stray off course, to become too intent on outcomes rather than the journey. All roads eventually lead to home, which ones will take me back are still to be decided. So I’m letting go of all my plans, remembering to take risks, trusting that love will always conquer all else and being excited for every day I spend here.
Tried to upload a photo but it’s just not happening 😦 Street dog and pretty houses to come later.

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This blog is meant to document my travels through South America, beginning in November in Bogotá, Colombia... destination, unknown!
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2 Responses to Clarity in Cartagena

  1. Kiley Mullen says:

    Wow, your words and descriptions are beyond inspiring!! xoxo

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