As far as cities go, Medellin is a beautiful place. The city of “perpetual spring” is nestled between vibrant green mountains, where tiny communities have built upon the hills. Most people are kind, we`ve gotten used to the staring and have found that most will reciprocate a smile or “buenos dias”, while some just continue to stare. It`s humbling being the minority.

After three days of running across busy streets, lots of vegetarian meals in a buddhist inspired restaurant(our saving grace), and one fun night celebrating Obama`s win, I`m taking a night bus tonight to arrive in Cartagena in the morning for their annual Independence Day festival this weekend. One more weekend in a city, and then it`s straight to the beach. I`m ready for some peace and reflecion by the sea.





About rainbowpaw

This blog is meant to document my travels through South America, beginning in November in Bogotá, Colombia... destination, unknown!
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2 Responses to Medellin

  1. annetelope says:

    I love Cartagena! Energy there is sublime. More pictures please! =)

    • rainbowpaw says:

      I posted a few on facebook homegirl! But I’ll get some on here too asap 🙂 Yea I know what you mean, people are pretty laid back! Reminds me of New Orleans actually.

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